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"I love my pet and yours is cute too!"

Pet Portraits are custom made in Contemporary or Natural styles with their personalities captured. Each painting is created with acrylic, pastel, ink, pencil, enamels. I can work from a photo or meet the dog personally to truly experience their personality and character. Pet Portraits has been featured in the Pet Business Magazine, the Bellingham Herald and the Bellevue Reporter.

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Greeting Cards and Prints Available in the following prints:


Wally The Rooster            Pete Who Loves To Eat                     Porkchop                 Weiner The Dog         Annie the Rottweiler         Cloe with Giggly Wiggly        Rosie The Poodle              ARF's Cocoa


Cobber The Labradoodle          AuggieDoggie                 Amigo & Luna                 Tia the Diva             Max The Hated Humper    By Gollie Its Hollie              Coffee Grinder    Bear At The Beach


    Peaches The Cat           Puggy The Pug                    Moses The Cat                            Juju                             

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Pet Portraits by Beth Golding

Standard Canvas Sizes:

18” x 24”     $350.00    

 24” x 36”    $500.00     

 30” x 40”    $700.00    

 Other canvas sizes available upon request.  $50.00 extra for each additional animal in the artwork.

I can work from a photograph of the pet.  I will need a straight front face shot up close, a full side profile up close, a full face angled shot if possible, and a full body shot from different angles.  I can work from photocopies as well or digital shots.  Whatever the pet owner can provide- more is always better.  All photos will be returned with the painting.  

 I am very open to the owner’s suggestions and what they specifically want in the painting.  I try to capture the pet’s true personality and reflect this in the art.  If the animal has a favorite toy or place it loves to be, all these ideas can be used.  When possible, I always like to meet the pet.  I can make the animal look very natural or use a whimsical, contemporary style.  All my work is original and one of a kind.

 If the owner has a specific place in which they plan to hang the painting, I can custom make the painting background to match their colors and styles.  Please submit a full shot photo of the area it is to hang in.  Backgrounds can be traditional, contemporary or specific colors or themes.  I can even sculpt on the frame or write the pet's name.

 I will need 4-12 weeks to complete the work.  I always try to finish the painting sooner rather than later, but sometimes, art cannot be rushed due to the processes involved. Shipping time is in addition to above timeframe.   I work in various mixed mediums on each painting depending on the needs to complete the work.  My primary mediums are:  acrylic, pastels, inks, enamels, charcoal, watercolors, and texturing. 

 My work has been shown in many galleries as well as private & public showings.  Collectors appreciate my work and seek me out.  I can also make prints of the custom painting, and greeting cards.  This is a personal service to the pet owner who wants to share in the joy of their pet with their family and friends.

Please contact me personally with any questions about this process.  I require half payment down upon ordering and the balance paid in full prior to shipping.  I guarantee my work to be gallery quality and uniquely personal to the pet's owners.

Please contact me at:

Beth Golding















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